Group Workshops

Learning and/or using skills in a group setting is an important way to grow as a musician. For one thing, it can be really comforting to know that you're sharing an experience with a bunch of people who are in the same boat. For another, it may be a little easier to breathe if the spotlight's not always on you. For still another, there's so very much to be learned by stepping outside of oneself and observing. Do you see a student exhibiting a habit you yourself would like to correct? Or are they using their voices or thinking about music theory in a way that might help you work through a challenge of your own? Does your teacher/director or do your classmates/castmates/fellow chorus members notice things in your work or in each other's that you don't? There's so much to be gained by putting your feet to the fire and applying all you've learned in front of teachers and peers.

Workshop topics are as follows:
  • Rhythm Reading
  • Note Reading
  • Sight Singing
  • Vocal Technique
Group sessions can be arranged to focus on a single subject above or customized to cover any number of them in combination. While an isolated topic can be covered in a single 60-120 minute session, a combination would take more than one. Would you and a group of friends like to hone your note reading skills and remember how key signatures work? Does your chorus need help feeling the beat of their music and counting time values? Does the cast of your musical need help with a vocally demanding song? I can help with all of that!

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