Here's what some of my students and I have been up to recently (and semi-recently):
January and February Magnolia Appleton "The Addams Family" Young@Part
What a great show! The entire fabulous, committed, talented cast gave their all, principals and ensemble alike -- Maggie was sweet and hilarious as a "cave person" ancestor. Parents, check out DMTC's youth program -- they give kids a chance to shine, and put on a GREAT show!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
September Laura Smith and Marika Rogers "Mamma Mia"
What a fantastic show! Great songs, fabulous dancing, costumes we all *wish* could pull off, and SO. MUCH. HEART! Marika always helps the ensemble shine, Laura was BORN to play Tanya, and every single member of the cast everything they had!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
April and May Rosalind Smith "Carrie"
What a fantastic show! This was Ros's second college performance and her very first full-on college musical! It was such a privilege to see an 80's show tune twist on the Stephen King classic, produced by a pretty darn awesome college performing arts program, AND I'm so proud or Ms. Rosalind and all her hard work!
Sacramento City College
May Madie Whitnell "The Little Mermaid"
What a fun, funky, take on the classic story -- some solid performances from hard working kids, even a few adorable (very) little ones. I'm especially proud of my student Madie, who ROCKED it as Ursula!
Moore Musicals
05/11/19-05/11/19 Ali Lippman "#FreeToBe"
What an honor and a thrill! Great music, a powerful message, a stunning performance space and some of the most wonderful women I could ever hope to sing with.
The Sofia
May Madie Whitnell "Lion King Jr."
That's right, Madie had to take a day off from playing one Disney Villain to play yet ANOTHER Disney Villain. I wish I could have made this performance, but I know Madie was downright frightening as Scar. And Young Actors' Stage puts on consistently fabulous productions!
Young Actors' Stage
March and April Marika Rogers "Mamma Mia"
What a fun show! Such great costumes and dances and music -- and so much heart! And By the way, Keep going Marika!!!
Auburn State Theatre
March Magnolia Appleton "The Wizard of Oz"
What a fun show, and Maggie was great in the ensemble! It has been so wonderful to watch her grow as performer through El Camino's theater program -- color me one proud teacher!
El Camino High School
January Laura Smith "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Laura was great as a gargoyle in Disney's lush and powerful telling of Victor Hugo's classic tale. What beautiful music, moving lyrics and committed performances from a company that loves what they do!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
November and December Rosalind Smith "Miracle on 34th Street"
Illness kept me from seeing this, but I'm so happy that Ros got to use her beautiful voice in her first college performance. Two notes for the record: 1) Sac City has a pretty darn awesome performing arts program. 2) Those who thrive in the performing arts are those who put their all into their craft. I'm incredibly proud of this awesome young woman for putting herself out there in her very first semester of college!
Sacramento City College
November and December Ruby Brungess "Meet Me in St. Louis"
I wish I'd been able to see it, but I could not be happier for Ruby -- What a fun, sweet show, at a company that puts on great shows and makes cast feel like family!
Woodland Opera House
August Andrea St.Clair "Shrek"
What a fabulous show! Studio Alum Andrea St. Clair DIRECTED this irreverent, heartwarming, laugh-out-loud Jeanine Tesori classic. I love seeing current and past students follow their dreams, and I REALLY love seeing them take the mantle of teacher, guide or mentor! GO ANDREA!!!
Woodland Opera House
August Emily Kelly "Mamma Mia"
What a great show - As always, Music Circus doesn't disappoint, and Emily was wonderful in this sweet, hopeful, breezy celebration of family, friendship, romance and Abba's music! Even better, she played a character named Ali! In all seriousness, I am a VERY proud little teacher right now!
Music Circus
July Emily Kelly Gypsy
I wish I could have seen Emily in this show. Powerful and moving story, put on by a great professional company. I'm so excited that Emily got to be part of it!
Music Circus
June and July Laura Smith "The Little Mermaid"
I wish I could have seen it, but it was so popular it SOLD OUT before I could get tickets. I've heard it was amazing, and Laura said she had a fabulous time in the ensemble. I'm so excited to see her in her next show!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
June and July Kendyl Ito "Soft Power" Curran Theater, San Francisco
March Laura Smith "Carousel"
It broke my heart that I was too sick to see Laura in this show, but I just KNOW she was amazing and I can't wait to see what she does next!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
March Emily Kelly "Grand Hotel"
WOW!!!!! One of my studio alums has hit the BIG TIME! Emily was in the ensemble of a this show alongside professional stage veterans and even a TONY NOMINEE! I wish I could have made it to see her, but I'm SOOOO proud of her hard work. I can't wait to see what she does next!
Encores! at NY City Center
March Rosalind Smith and Grace Hanson "The Addams Family Musical"
I'm so disappointed that illness kept me away from this show, but I know that Ros and Grace were AMAZING. It's bittersweet for me to think of them in their last shows as high school students, but I can't wait to see what they do next!
River City Theatre Company
January Laura Smith "Spamalot"
What a hilarious show! Laura was terrific in the ensemble, and the entire cast had incredible chemistry! And of course, you can always count on Monty Python for a laugh!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
August Andrea St. Clair "My Fair Lady"
WOW!!! I'm bursting. WOH has put on a lovely production and when someone I've taught goes on to mentor and lead others, I could not be more proud! GO ANDREA!!!!
Woodland Opera House
August Ava Grefrath "The Addams Family Musical"
What can I say, but... "AWWWW!!!" At it's heart, this is such a sweet show, and Ava did a great job of bringing Alice to life. Seriously folks, check out YAS -- they put on stunning productions and bring out wonderful performances from their company members!
Young Actors Stage
July and August Maddie Perez "Miss Saigon"
Wow! I am consistently blown away by Young Actors Stage productions, and by the work of Ms. Madeline Perez. Not surprised to be blown away again -- just a very appreciative audience member and a SUPER proud teacher!
Young Actors Stage
June Abby Babineau, Laura smith Summer Song
Laura and Abby were WONDERFUL is this shared recital! They worked so hard and were so very expressive -- with breathtaking accompaniment from pianist Sam Clein this was a truly amazing evening. This little teacher could not be prouder!
Ali's home studio!
May Indira Nijssen and Maddie Perez "West Side Story"
WOW. I knew I would be, but I was BLOWN AWAY. What a breathtaking production! Great sets, music, dancing and acting, with incredible passion from the whole cast. Indira was a shining star from within the ensemble, and Maddie knocked my socks off as Maria! Color me one PROUD teacher!
Young Actors Stage
May Stella and Violet Kinney "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
I wish I could have made it to this show, but I was lucky enough to hear some of the music in lessons. And STC puts on some FABULOUS productions, so I'm sure it was fantastic.
Sacramento Theatre Company
March and April Grace Hanson and Rosalind Smith "Anything Goes"
What an AMAZING performance! Grace was astonishing as Reno Sweeney, and Ros shone brightly from in the ensemble. And this was NOT an "easy" show -- comedy, heavy-duty tap dancing, and CHALLENGING music! Color me one proud teacher...
River City Theatre Company
November and December Andrea St.Clair "Cinderella"
What a fun, festive production, and Andrea has yet again shown what a gifted performer consummate professional she is!
Sacramento Theatre Company
December Indira Nijssen and Eva Ketron "Beauty and the Beast"
Fun show, and I really enjoyed seeing TWO students perform! I also can't even find the words for just how important it is to support the arts in our schools!
California Middle School
December Indira Nijssen Aladdin
What a fun show! Indira did a fabulous job in the ensemble, and the entire production was, fun, polished and full of heart! And parents, if you're looking for a wonderful learning and performing experience for your children, check out YAS!
Young Actors Stage
November Grace Hanson "Cinderella"
Grace was truly AMAZING as always, and RCTC did not disappoint -- what a magical experience! Congrats to cast, crew, parents and support staff on wonderful show.
River City Theatre Company
September and October Magnolia Appleton "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
Maggie was fantastic in the ensemble, and it was wonderful to see these incredible young people create such a magical world -- yet another example of how much it matters to support youth theater!
Davis Musical Theatre Company
August Grace Hanson "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Grace was BRILLIANT as Millie! Rock solid singing and dancing, and she INHABITED the character. I could not be a more proud little teacher! And for the record: the rest of the cast and crew put together an excellent show with just a MONTH of preparation.
Cisneros Studios of Dance
August Eva Ketron "Bye, Bye Birdie"
What a fun show! Great singing, dancing, costumes and sets, and Eva was wonderful in the ensemble! Speaking of ensembles, this show is a great example of just how much an ensemble can contribute -- These amazing young performers really brought the story to life!
Young Actors Stage
May Eva Ketron "Les Miserables"
Such talent and commitment from principals and ensemble players alike -- that kind of passion is infectious! Youth and parents: if you're interested in wonderful learning and performing opportunities, check out Young Actors Stage -- a fine company with a passion for arts education!
Young Actors Stage
May Ruby Brungess and Alaina Fong "Ruby and Alaina's Garden of Song"
I could not possibly be more proud of my students! Alaina and Ruby put so much hard work and dedication into putting on a technically challenging, musically beautifully and deeply moving recital. I'm still bursting!
Ali's home studio!
April and May Andrea St. Clair "The Most Happy Fella"
Andrea was in the ensemble, and also served as the shows dance captain. That's right, besides singing and dancing her own heart out, it was her job to make sure the rest of the cast kept their moves sharp! This is precisely while I tell my students how important it is to build a broad range of skills as a musical theater performer, and I couldn't be more proud...
42nd St. Moon, San Francisco
April and May Jessica Dardarian "King Lear"
Jessica played both the Fool AND Cordelia! This is her first venture into Shakespeare, she's caught the bug, and I'm super proud... As always, this brings back to my line about how the best performers are well rounded -- Go, Jessica, GO!
NoHo London Music Hall
April Ali Lippman, Terese Lukenbill, Maci McCormack, Sue Toppenberg and Terry Weyna Sac Sings
What fun! It was such a joy to perform with my singing sisters, and we got to hear some fabulous other groups as well!
April Kendyl Ito "A Chorus Line"
Kendyl played the role of Connie Wong, debuted by Baayork Lee when the show first opened. To Kendyl's (and her humble little teacher's) delight, Ms. Lee directed this production! With yet another student, I wish I could have made it to New York to see her, but I'm saving for those tickets to her Broadway debut in a couple years!
Pace University Musical Theater Program
April Grace Hanson "The Drowsy Chaperone"
What a great show! As always, young Ms. Hanson gave her professional best, and this company of young singers, dancers and actors put on a fabulous show!
River City Theatre Company
April Emily Kelly "Oklahoma"
I wish I could have made it to Indiana to see Emily play Ado Annie, but I'm still planning on booking tickets to New York for when she makes her Broadway debut -- I'm telling you folks, I'm gonna get to say "I knew her when..."! And to show that great art crosses boundaries, I'd like to point out that this classic was produced as part of IU's OPERA season!
Indiana University Opera Program
March Magnolia Appleton The Little Mermaid Jr.
Maggie got to play TWO parts in this production! Not only did she open the show as the pilot of Prince Eric's ship, she also got to play Carlotta, one of the castle staff. This involved learning lines, music and blocking for two small parts, AND one wicked fast costume change! One of my greatest joys as a teacher is watching young students grow as performers, and Maggie has shown me that her work is paying off... :)
Runaway Stage Productions
March Laura Smith "The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Laura was fabulous as "Miss Priss" in this sweet, funny production from Sutter Street's family series! Not only did she shine in her very first part on stage, she had a wonderful time working with the many children in the cast. I could not be prouder or more happy for her!
Sutter Street Theater
December Ali Lippman, Terese Lukenbill, Maci McCormack, Sue Toppenberg and Terry Weyna A Victorian Holiday
This concert always gets me into the holiday spirit! We took a step back from our usual humorous holiday fare this year, allowing for a more "traditional" sound as we honored Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, and this time of warm hearts amid the cold weather. Guest artists Flute Song Four provided some beautiful music for the first half of our program, and the sing along was a blast, as always! The chorus is also tremendously grateful that we able to collect so many warm items for the women and children of Mary House -- it feels wonderful to make a difference for those in need.
Sacramento Women's Chorus at St. Mark's United Methodist Church
November Emily Kelly Sweet Charity
I so wish I could have made it to IU to see Ms. Emily shine in the title role! This school has one of the most musical theater competitive programs in the U.S. To get accepted is already an incredible honor. To be cast as a lead in one of their shows is pretty darn amazing. I've already promised Emily I'll do best to make out for her Broadway debut in a year or so -- watch for great things from this fiercely gifted young lady!
Indiana University Musical Theater Program
November Grace Hanson "The Wizard of Oz"
What a wonderful production! I am always impressed by the professionalism, organization and artistry that goes into RCTC shows, and this one gave some young performers a chance to truly shine! Super proud of Grace's performance as the Scarecrow. This is the biggest role she's ever played, and she handled it with commitment, skill, and...well...Grace!
River City Theatre Company
October Ali Lippman, Terese Lukenbill, Maci McCormack, Sue Toppenberg and Terry Weyna "Choctoberfest"
I had so much fun performing with my singing sisters! Our director Robin Richie, our pianist Kami Davis, and each and every singer in this group form a musical family. I believe it comes through in the music we share!
Sacramento Women's Chorus at the Center at 2300
September Maddie Perez "Legally Blonde, the Musical"
What a fun production! Maddie had a monster cold the night I saw the show, but it didn't stop her from putting her whole self into the lead role of Elle Woods. I am always impressed when I see such professionalism in young performers!
Musical Mayhem Productions
July, August Kendyl Ito Summer Stock Season
I wish I could have made the trip to Delaware to see Kendyl perform over the summer, but I am super proud! She was Jojo in their production of "Seussical the Musical", among other roles over the course of the summer. Here's the amazing part, folks: The company closed their summer season with "Rent", for which, Kendyl was in the ensemble. The day before their very last show, the actress playing Mimi (a lead) fell ill. Although Kendyl had not understudied the part, she was asked to fill the role the very next day. Not only did she make it through the performance with just a day of memorization and rehearsal, she and the rest of the cast received a standing ovation! This little teacher right here is bursting...
Clear Space Theater Company
June Maddie Perez "Urinetown"
What a spectacular production! Outstanding singing and acting, and I do believe I saw one performer do a dance kick over another's head! Seriously, these kids are true professionals!
Musical Mayhem Productions at Green Valley Theatre
June Jessica Dardarian Hawkins School of Dance Student Recital
Lots of spectacular dance routines packed into one amazing night, and Jessica was wonderful! A reminder to all those budding musical theater stars out there: vocal training and development is absolutely important. So is dance and acting -- so important to develop all three!
Folsom High school
April and May Abby Miles "Shrek"
Abby was her usual funny, spunky, quirky self as Princess Fiona! This was her very last high school show, and what a fun one! I can't wait to see what's next!
Woodland High School
April Ali Lippman, Terese Lukenbill, and Terry Weyna "We Can Do It!"
What a fun show! Sister Swing was fantastic, and I could not be more proud to sing with the Sacramento Women's Chorus -- a group of fierce, funny, fabulous ladies!
St. Mark's United Methodist Church, Sacramento
March Julia Kuzmich and Grace Hanson "The Music Man"
I always go to RCTC shows expecting to be uplifted and entertained, and I was NOT disappointed. I'm a super proud teacher right about now, thrilled to see two of my students working with such a wonderful company!
River City Theatre Company
March Maddie Perez "Shrek Jr."
A great production of one of my favorite shows, and Ms. Maddie was fabulous as always. This kid has a set of pipes!
Musical Mayhem Productions
March Jessica Dardarian Jessica's AWESOME Recital!
What a wonderful performance! Jessica was an absolute inspiration, Sam was fantastic, and I'm still, well.. bursting! Color me one super-proud teacher...
Ali's home studio!
February and March Jessica Dardarian "Mary Poppins"
Fun, fun show, and Jess was fantastic, as always!
Stand Out Talent
January and February Ruby Brungess "Always A Bridesmaid"
Just... Awwww!Great performance in a great show. Color me a proud teacher!
Chautauqua Playhouse
October Ali Lippman and Terese Lukenbill "Masquerade" Choral Cabaret
What a fun show! I had a blast with all my singing sisters, and the audience was incredible! Don't miss our holiday '14 and spring '15 shows!
La Sierra Community Center
August and September Jessica Dardarian and Magnolia Appleton "Gypsy"
Wow! What a fantastic show -- I'm so thrilled that students of mine are part of the Sutter Street Family, and that I got to see them shine in this powerful production.
Sutter Street Theater
August Helena Baturarro, Kendyl Ito, Maddie Perez and Sara Chan "The Music Man Junior"
Sooooo proud! Helena was wonderful in this fantastic production, and I was so proud that Kendyl, Sara and Maddie were teachers, mentors and leaders to to all the young performers who made it happen. My heart is bursting!
Young Actors' Stage
July Abby and Amy Miles "Grease"
Amy and Abby were fantastic! It was wonderful to see this classic show and to see these gifted passionate young women shine!
Woodland Opera House
June Maddie Perez "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Maddie was fabulous! I could not be prouder of this hard working, talented young woman...
Musical Mayhem
May Jessica Dardarian "Three Musketeers"
Jessica played the queen of France. As always, Her Highness was downright regal!
Sutter St. Theatre
May Helena Baturarro Wizard of Oz
Helena (age 10!) was super professional and ultra adorable as Dorothy. I could not possibly be more proud of this talented, hard-working young lady!
Young Actors' Stage
April Briahna Yee "Spring Awakening"
What an incredibly powerful show, and Briahna was amazing, of course!
Harris Center for The Arts, Folsom Lake College
April Abby Miles "Legally Blonde"
What a fabulous show! And Abby was fantastic, as always!
Woodland High School
March Erika Lee "Cats"
Erika was wonderful, as was the whole cast. By the way, RCTC is a wonderful company that helps young performers grow while putting on professional quality shows!
River City Theatre Company
February - Early March Kourtney Smith and Andrea St. Clair "Wild Party"
Wow. Kourtney and Andrea were fabulous, but I'm never going to another party again...
Green Valley Theatre Company
January Jessica Dardarian "Rising Star Review"
Jessica was fantastic doing music and monologues from some of her favorite shows!
Sutter Street Theatre
December Jessica Dardarian "Winnie The Pooh: A Christmas Tail"
Jessica played Kanga AND Roo! Her first time working with a puppet!
Sutter Street Theatre
December Maddie Perez "It's a Wonderful Life"
Maddie played Janie Bailey in this heartwarming holiday classic -- a professional production!
Sacramento Theatre Company
December Abby Miles "Annie Jr."
Abby played Grace Farrell in this sweet classic -- what an excellent production!
Woodland Opera House
December Ali Lippman and Terese Lukenbill "Holiday Dreams"
Presented by the Sacramento Women's Chorus
The show was lots of fun. I had a wonderful time conducting in public for the first time, and we collected tons of donations for the clients of Mary House!
St. Mark's United Methodist Church
December Ali Lippman and Terese Lukenbill "Believe"
SWC as guests of VoCal
What a fun show! it was a pleasure to perform, and to hear from VoCal and their other guest artists.
Harris Center
Fall Ali Lippman and Therese Lukenbill "Wilkommen! A Choral Cabaret"
Presented by the Sacramento Women's Chorus
We had a blast! Wonderful food, wonderful guest artists (Totally Tapioca), and a FABULOUS audience!
La Sierra Center
August and September Jessica Dardarian "Young Frankestein"
Jessica was in the ensemble -- what a fun show!
Sutter Street Theater
Fall Amy Miles College!
Amy began attending SOU's theater program in the fall! Keep knocking 'em dead on stage, kid!
Southern Oregon University
Fall Kendyl Ito College!
Kendyl started at Pace University's prestigious musical theater program in the fall! I'm super proud, and I can't wait to see what happens for this hardworking young lady next!
Pace University
June - August Emily Kelly Summer Stock!
Emily performed in the entire summer season -- one of her first professional gigs!
Music Theatre of Wichita
July Magnolia Appleton and Kourtney Smith "The Wizard of Oz"
Maggie was in the "Jr." edition, and Kourtney performed in the mainstage show -- both productions brought the classic to life!
Runaway Stage
July Abby Miles "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"
Abby brought sass, smarts and spunk to the character of Sally Brown!
Woodland Opera House
June Ali Lippman A New House!
My husband and I moved to a beautiful new home and studio in East Sacramento in June!
East Sacramento
April Jahid Hickman, Kendyl Ito and Kevin Dimaculangan "The Music Man"
Jahid played Harold Hill, and Kendyl played Marian Paroo. Kevin played Tommy Djilas, and was dance captain for the show. Color this little teacher proud!
McClatchy High School
April Amy Miles and Abby Miles "The Little Mermaid"
Amy played Ariel and Abby played Ursula -- what fun to have students playing the heroine *and* the villain!
Woodland High School
March Briahna Yee "Antigone"
Briahna performed in the ensemble -- an all-youth show, powerfully performed!
Sacramento Theatre Company
March Kendyl Ito "Children of Eden"
Kendyl played Eve -- A jaw-dropping performance in an absolutely stunning show!
River City Theater Company
March Ali Lippman and Therese Lukenbill "Celebrate!"
Sacramento Women's Chorus 25th Anniversary Concert
A wonderful show, celebrating 25 years of a wonderful organization. I could not be more proud to sing with these beautiful ladies!
February Sean Patrick Nill "Bark! The Musical"
What a cute show! Sean played Sam the Pit Bull Mutt -- and a Chihuahua. In a dress. :)
Sacramento Theatre Company
February Elle Berti "Pippin"
Elle was in the ensemble -- a dedicated, sweet, gifted young lady in a bright, bold, fun show!
Sacramento Theatre Company
January Andrea St. Clair "9 to 5 the musical"
Andrea played Judy. She says it was one of the most fun shows she's been in!
Runaway Stage
December Ali Lippman and Therese Lukenbill "Holiday Quilt"
Presented by the Sacramento Women's Chorus
A wonderful show, and we collected so many blankets for the clients of Mary House!
First Christian Church
December Ali Lippman and Therese Lukenbill Sacramento Women's Chorus performance
We sang under the rotunda -- fabulous acoustics!
California State Capitol Building
November and December Amy Miles "A Christmas Carol"
Amy played Emily. What a warm, bright, festive show!
Davis Musical Theatre
November Magnolia Appleton "Winnie the Pooh Jr."
Maggie played Kanga!
Runaway Stage
November Kendyl Ito "Legally Blonde"
Kendyl played Elle Woods. Fabulous performance, as always -- and she rocked the blonde wig and five inch stilettos!
River City Theater Company
October and November Emily Kelly "Spring Awakening"
Emily played Thea -- a mainstage role her first semester at Indiana!
Indiana University
October Abby Miles and Amy Miles "Death this Way"
Amy played Tess Skeffington and Abby played Dora Charleston in this cute "whodunit"!
Woodland High School
September Jessica Dardarian "Fiddler on the Roof"
Jessica was in the ensemble of this beloved classic -- what fun!
Runaway Stage
September Brianhna Yee "The Crucible"
Brianhna played Abigail!
Sacramento Theatre Company
Fall Emily Kelly College!
Emily was one of only twelve students accepted to the musical theater program!
Indiana University
July Emily Kelly and Jessica Dardarian "Into The Woods"
Emily played the witch and Jessica played Jack's mother in the master class production. What a great show!
Runaway Stage
June Ruby Brungess "At The Ballet III - You Can't Touch This"
Ruby was awesome in a fun, irreverent variety show -- and she helped raise money for the Sacramento Ballet!
Found Space Theater
June Ali Lippman Benefit for Francis House
This was a wonderful show, with several wonderful choral groups, for a wonderful cause!
Pioneer Church
May Abby Miles "Hairspray"
Abby played Shelley -- campy good fun!
Davis Musical Theatre
May Magnolia Appleton "Willy Wonka Jr."
Maggie played Grandma Josephina... :)
Runaway Stage
May Andrea St. Clair "Kiss Me Kate"
Andrea played Lilli Vanessi -- well performed in a great show!
Runaway Stage
May Ali Lippman "Sing Out, Sisters"
Presented by the Sacramento Women's Chorus
My first full concert with SWC... :)
April and May Abby Miles "Thirteen"
Abby played Patrice -- and she got to perform at a workshop with composer Jason Robert Brown!
Woodland Opera House
April Kendyl Ito "Guys and Dolls"
Kendyl played Sarah Brown -- stunningly, of course!
McClatchy High School
April Grace Rose Teen Center USA's "World of Talent"
Grace and her friend Stephanie advanced to the second round!
April Amy Miles "Titanic"
Amy played one of the three "Kates" in third class -- with an awesome Irish brogue, I might add... :)
Davis Musical Theatre
March Ali Lippman Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary
What a wonderful event to celebrate with the Girl Scouts and the Sacramento Women's Chorus!
California State Capitol Building
March Amy Miles and Abby Miles "Seussical the Musical"
Amy played Mayzie and Abby played Jojo -- What a fun show, and what great performances!
Woodland High School
January and February Andrea St. Clair "Ruthless, the Musical"
Andrea was absolutely hilarious as Judy Denmark in this professional production!
Sacramento Theater Company
January Grace Rose "Once Upon a Mattress "
Grace played Princess Fred -- what incredible talent and fun energy!
Rocklin Youth Musical Theater
December Ali Lippman "Sock it to the Holidays"
Presented by the Sacramento Women's Chorus
A really fun concert/sing-along that also provided warm socks for those in need!
First Christian Church
December Grace Rose "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"
Grace played the Leopard :)
Studio Theater
December Jessica Dardarian "Annie Jr."
Jessica played Miss Hannigan -- Mwaaahaahaaa!!!!
Runaway Stage
October and November Abby Miles and Amy Miles "Rumors"
Amy played Chris and Abby played Cassie -- these ladies know how to rock evening gowns!
Woodland High School
September and October Abby Miles "High School Musical"
Abby was in the ensemble! :)
Davis Musical Theatre
September and October Emily Kelly "Cabaret"
Emily played Rosie -- Here's a show where she got to show off her mad dance skills!
Sutter Street Theater
September Jessica Dardarian "The Jungle Book"
Jessica was deliciously evil as Shere Khan the tiger!
Flying Monkey Productions
September Amy Miles "God's Favorite"
Amy played Sarah with wonderful comedic flair!
Woodland Opera House
August Ali Lippman Sacramento Race for the Arts
I performed with the Sacramento Women's Chorus -- a fun show in a beautiful setting!
Land Park
August Kendyl Ito "A World of Talent Musical Scholarship Program"
Kendyl's rendition of "Gimme Gimme" was thrilling -- this young woman is a powerhouse!
Folsom Community Center
July Emily Kelly and Kendyl Ito "Sweeney Todd, School Edition"
Emily played Mrs. Lovett and Kendyl was in the "special quintet". Two stellar performances in an excellent piece of theater.
Runaway Stage
May Andrea St. Clair "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
Andrea played Christine Colgate -- a fine addition to her rich history with Runaway Stage!
Runaway Stage
May Sean Patrick Nill and Ruby Brungess "At the Ballet II -- Louder, Faster, Funnier!"
Sean and Ruby were indeed louder, faster and funnier -- this was a great show for a great cause!
Found Space Theater
May Ethan Glass Choral Emsembles Spring Concert
Ethan sang with the ARC Concert Choir in their end of season concert -- I love choral music, and I LOVE seeing my students shine!
American River College
April and May Amy Miles "Bye Bye Birdie"
Amy was absolutely hilarious as Ursula Merkle!
Woodland High School
March and April Kendyl Ito "Grease"
Kendyl played Sandy -- fabulous singing as always, and nobody has ever looked cuter in a poodle skirt!
McClatchy High School
March and April Abby Miles "The Sound of Music"
Abby played Luisa Von Trapp -- great singing in this heartwarming classic!
Woodland Opera House
March Andrea St. Clair "Urinetown"
Andrea was really, REALLY funny as Hope Cladwell in this side-splitting dark romp :)
Runaway Stage
March Ethan Glass Concert Choir March Concert
What a fun show! And by the way, choral singing is a great way to use your voice!
American River College
February Lindsay Nevin "A Midsummer Night's Dream (family version)"
Lindsay played Cobweb the Fairy -- Yay for Shakespeare for young people!
Fairytale Town Theater
January and February Emily Kelly "The Fantasticks"
Emily played Luisa -- fabulous as always!
Sutter Street Theatre
January Emily Kelly, Ruby Brungess and Ray Fisher "An Evening with Emily, Ruby and Ray"
I organized this recital featuring three wonderful musicians. We raised a little money for Sutter St. Theatre, too!
Sutter Street Theatre
November and December Abby Miles "Aladdin Jr."
Abby was one of the narrators of this sweet, timeless tale.
Davis Musical Theatre
November Emily Kelly "The Wiz"
Emily Kelly was in the ensemble -- she says she had a great time!
Runaway Stage
November Amy Miles "Little Shop of Horrors"
Amy Miles played Crystal the doo-wop girl. She rocked her sequin gown in an all around fabulous show... :)
Woodland High School
November Emily Kelly "Best of Broadway"
Emily was lots of fun in this variety show/dessert fundraiser for her high school choral program!
Bella Vista High School
September and October Amy Miles "Grease, School Version"
Amy played Sandy and Abby Miles played the teen angel -- poodle skirts, a HUGE wig, and lots and lots of camp -- what more could you ask for?
Davis Musical Theatre
September and October Emily Kelly "Seussical the Musical"
Emily played Mayzie. Fabulous singing and dancing and oooooh, what a long tail!
Sutter Street Theatre
September Emily Kelly "Rent, School Edition"
Emily played Maureen. I almost laughed my face off during her awesomely hilarious "performance art" solo!
Runaway Stage
August Kendyl Ito and Amy Miles "Beauty and the Beast, Jr."
Kendyl played Belle and Amy played Mrs. Potts -- this show was just plain fun!
Davis Musical Theatre
July Andrea St. Clair "Curtains"
Andrea played Niki Harris -- really, you guys, she wasn't the killer, even though her fingerprints were EVERYWHERE!
Runaway Stage
July Ruby Brungess "The Graduate"
Ruby played Elaine -- rock solid acting!
Studio Theater
May Ali Weaver and Amy Miles "Guys and Dolls"
Ali and Amy were both in the ensemble. :)
Woodland High School
April Derek Sup "Small Ensemble Night"
Derek performed AND led his entire music class in HIS OWN arrangement of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"!
Rio Americano High School
September Emily Kelly "Les Miserables, School Edition"
Emily played Eponine -- she was simply fantastic in an all around wonderful production!
Runaway Stage
August and September Ali Weaver "High School Musical 2"
Ali was in the ensemble :)
Woodland Opera House
May Karen Day "Cinderella"
Karen played the Queen -- quite regally, I might add...
Runaway Stage
March Karen Day "Little Women"
Karen played Marmee! Wonderful job in a remarkably challenging role.
Runaway Stage
March Andrea St. Clair "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
Andrea played the narrator -- she made me want to sit at her feet with all the other little kids!
Woodland Opera House
Summer Andrea St. Clair Musical Theater Summer Program
Andrea attended this prestigious summer training program at NYU, AND performed in "Monday Nights New Voices", a showcase for up and coming performers, some of whom have performed on Broadway!
June and July Kiana Bruce "Kyrie" and "You Raise Me Up"
Kiana sang the soprano solo to "Kyrie" with her church choir, and also performed "You Raise Me Up" as an a capella solo -- She'd just turned 11 at the time!
Church Choir
May Andrea St. Clair, Karen Day and Emily Kelly "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Andrea played the title role, Karen was Mrs. Meers (the villain), and Emily (playing an adult role) was the only teenager among a cast of adults! BTW, the entire show was absolutely wonderful!
Runaway Stage
March and April Scott Reese "Brigadoon"
Scott played Tommy -- a good job in a vocally and dramatically challenging role!
Woodland Opera House
January Andrea St. Clair "All Shook Up"
Andrea played Miss Sandra -- I *think* this role may have gotten her an Elly nomination!
Runaway Stage
December Kiana Bruce "Silent Night"
Kiana sang the first verse of "Silent Night" as a solo at her church -- perfect for her sweet, sparkling voice!
Church Choir
November Chris Hansen "Our Town"
Chris played Howie the Milkman :)
Bella Vista High School
November Betsy Tanner "Tide pool Condos"
Betsy sang "Tide pool Condos" in her class play. She got to play the villain!
Class Play
November Emily Kelly "Seussical the Musical Jr."
Emily was a "Bird Girl" -- she got to show off her awesome dance skills!
Runaway Stage
May Betsy Tanner "Recipe For Joy"
Betsy sang a solo from the song in her class pageant!
Gold River Discovery Center
May Ray Fisher "Oklahoma"
Ray played Jud Fry -- creepy and heartbreaking all at the same time!
Runaway Stage
March Andrea St. Clair and Scott Reese "Smokey Joe's Cafe"
Andrea and Scott both sang in this downright soulful production!
Runaway Stage
November Ray Fisher, Andrea St. Clair, Emily Kelly and Scott Reese "Annie"
Ray was Daddy Warbucks, Andrea played Grace Farrell, Emily was July and Scott was Bundles McClusky. Both Emily and Scott were students of Ray's at the time, recently referred to me.
Runaway Stage
July Andrea St. Clair and Scott Reese "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
Andrea played Milly and Scott played Adam -- two solid lead performances!
Runaway Stage
April Ali Lippman Vox Musica
I performed with Vox Musica and the Auris Ensemble. This was Vox Musica's inaugural performance!
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
March and April Andrea St. Clair "Man of La Mancha"
Andrea played Antonia in this inspirational classic.
Woodland Opera House
March Courtney Foston "Once Upon a Mattress"
Courtney played the Queen in "Once Upon a Mattress" -- deliciously self-absorbed!
El Camino High School
October and November Andrea St. Clair "She Loves Me"
Andrea played Ilona Ritter -- "character" roles are sooooo fun!
Woodland Opera House
October Gloria Stingily "A Raisin in the Sun"
Gloria was in the Sacramento Theatre Company's mainstage production of "A Raisin in the Sun" -- she did a solid job of playing the family's elderly matriarch!
Sacramento Theatre Company
April and May Andrea St. Clair "Once Upon a Mattress"
Andrea played Lady Larken -- fabulous job of being sweet and funny all at once!
Woodland Opera House
February and March Gloria Stingily "The Beggars Strike"
Gloria played Lolli Ndiaye -- it was great to see her working with one of Sacramento's premier professional theaters!
B Street Theatre
December Ali and Len Lippman We Moved!
My husband and I moved from San Francisco to Rancho Cordova (just outside of Sacramento) -- the first home we owned together!
Rancho Cordova
09/25/04 Ali and Len Lippman Wedding!
My sweetie and I got married!
San Francisco

Check back soon for more happenings, as well as photos from past events!