Private Instruction

Most of what I do (and love doing) is working one-on-one with students on developing their vocal technique, musical understanding, and artistic expression. To sing is to make oneself incredibly vulnerable -- you are responsible for notes, rhythms and words; you are expected to connect emotionally to what you're singing and share that connection with others, no matter how personal it may feel; you're not just a musician but the instrument itself. To sing in front of a bunch of people can be really scary, even with their faces all in darkness. To sing -- to stand by yourself and expose your very soul -- in front of an individual (like me) whose literal job it is to judge your performance can be downright intimidating.

The good news is that it's also my (and every voice teacher's) job to create a welcoming environment where students feel safe taking chances. It's also my (and every voice teacher's) job to have five different ways to explain a given musical or vocal concept, because no two students learn in the exact same way. And every good voice teacher knows that teaching is about giving their students tools that they can use in their own practice and performance -- because the vast majority of the magic happens between lessons!

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